Our Founder talks to Journalist Glynn Davis about Rey House

Our Founder talks to Journalist Glynn Davis about Rey House

Rey House is a brand based around designing and making clothes to fit our target market of Gen X women, although we have a growing number of customers outside of the demographic. We are using big data and AI............
August 29, 2023 — Julia Reynolds
I Wear What I Think Is Least Bad

I Wear What I Think Is Least Bad

Whilst scanning women as part of our big project to get to the bottom of what shape and size real women really are. A lovely curvy woman quoted this "I wear what I think is least bad" Whilst this is a shocking statement it sums up what lots of women feel and think.
August 10, 2023 — Julia Reynolds
Scanning Event (Ingatestone ESSEX) 17th August 2023

Scanning Event (Ingatestone ESSEX) 17th August 2023

Do you want to be able to find clothes to fit you? If yes please sign up and join us on one of the largest and most comprehensive studies to take place this decade. Our state of the art scanner has arrived here to Rey House in the UK and we are busy scanning as many people as possible. The data we are collecting is already showing us patterns. Our scanning project captures over 250 body measurements and produces an Avatar.
August 04, 2023 — Julia Reynolds
Shirts are a big problem for women when it comes to fit

Do You Return Goods When They Do Not Fit?

We recently ran a survey to discover how many people do not actually return goods that do not fit and in SALE times the returns that we send back as customers, are even less.
July 10, 2023 — Julia Reynolds
5 Summer vacation must haves!

5 Summer vacation must haves!

As the breeze of summer warms us, it's time to embrace the season in style and embark on an unforgettable journey. Let me share with you my ultimate must-haves for a luxurious summer vacation.
June 06, 2023 — Callie Poston
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Rey House scanning women to make clothes that fit

Scanning To Fit

As of the 1st of June 2023 Rey House has started the most specific sizing project ever undertaken here in the UK. Yes there are lots of sizing projects that have gone before us and there are pockets of projects scanning feet and boobs.......
June 06, 2023 — Julia Reynolds
What Changes With Your Body As You Get Older. Let Us Celebrate

What Changes With Your Body As You Get Older. Let Us Celebrate

As women and men age, there are several changes that take place in our bodies. These changes are often associated with hormonal shifts, lifestyle, the aging process, diet and nutrition and this can impact various aspects of health and wellbeing. In this blog I don’t want to write about the hackneyed reasons of menopause, diet, lifestyle and the aging process for women and how we should be celebrating it not bemoaning it.
May 16, 2023 — Julia Reynolds
Shocking Data About Clothing

Shocking Data About Clothing

Only 8.2% of the UK population can easily find clothes to fit (Kantar Sept 2022) 100 billion pieces of clothing are made every year

30% of all clothing made is never worn

25% of what goes into landfill still has the tickets on it

10% of the globes carbon footprint is attributed to the clothing industry

Returns rates in UK clothing online business is over 54%

May 11, 2023 — Julia Reynolds
Ethnicity and Body Shape

Ethnicity and Body Shape

As we age, our bodies undergo many changes. From hormonal shifts to changes in metabolism, our bodies can look very different at 35 than they did at 25. But does ethnicity play a role in how our bodies change over time?

May 10, 2023 — Julia Reynolds
White Shirt

Clothes for Women Need To Work For Multiple Occasions

Purchasing decisions have taken on a whole new perspective. Whilst pricing is very important during this economic climate, the data does say that many women are buying fewer items, but buying quality, timeless pieces known as "Quiet Luxury"
April 11, 2023 — Julia Reynolds
Black satin shirt Rey House

100 Billion Pieces Of Clothing Are Made Every Year Globally

It is estimated that 100 billion pieces of clothing are made every year on the planet. The clothing and fashion industry contributes 10% to the worlds carbon footprint. The report also suggests that in some Countries in the world, it does not specify which Countries, that up to 40% of clothing items have never been used.....
March 17, 2023 — Julia Reynolds
Jersey pieces used technology to create the right shapes

International Women's Day

This year International women's day is focusing on technology for gender equality. We at Rey House have set off on a journey to use technology in fashion and clothing for women in a way that only a few are thinking about..............
March 02, 2023 — Julia Reynolds