I Wear What I Think Is Least Bad

Whilst scanning women as part of our big project to get to the bottom of what shape and size real women really are. A lovely curvy woman quoted this "I wear what I think is least bad" Whilst this is a shocking statement it sums up what lots of women feel and think. We struggle to find something to fit that we feel comfortable in and look our best. We say we are time starved, which very well may be the case, but despondency in looking for the right thing can manifest its self in not wanting to find the time and believing that we need to give lots of time to something we dread, which feels like giving it even more time than we either want to or need to! The whole experience is a nightmare not an enjoyable experience. (You then relate to how Men feel about shopping) So one follows the path of least resistance by making do, that will have to do and I don't like it but it is the best I can find.

In this day and age with so much available to us and such a wide choice I do think the fashion industry is missing a trick. We at Rey House have gone back to the drawing board and we are looking at things from a different perspective. We had one fashion journalist look at our clothes and say "I am not really interested in writing about your collection as you do not have the key looks for the season" From this, I thought this is exactly why we are doing what we are doing. The key "Quiet Fashion" pieces in most women's wardrobes, that they wear every week, are not trend led, are not fancy colours or fabrics, or shapes; they are timeless, great quality, neutral colours, comfortable, fit properly and make you feel good when you wear them. Clothes that you choose to wear not clothes that you feel like are wearing you! Our bootcut trousers, our boyfriend shirt and our trench coat are just a few items that will last the test of time.

Why are we different at Rey House. We start with the fit and the grading. We have to know what shape our customers are and roughly what size they are. Whilst we are working on this, we source the fabrics. Ideally we like to develop our own fabrics and we have done this with a few fabrics and will endeavour to move to most of our fabrics being like this as our business progresses. We like to think that we have turned upside down the way things are traditionally done and it is working for us. 

So we continue to scan female bodies and build our experience of real women wearing real, great fitting, good quality, sustainable clothes. Sign up and join our Community of like minded women and help us change the way the industry looks at fit.

August 10, 2023 — Julia Reynolds

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