Rey House scanning women to make clothes that fit

As of the 1st of June 2023 Rey House has started the most specific sizing project ever undertaken here in the UK. Yes there are lots of sizing projects that have gone before us and there are pockets of projects scanning feet and boobs in particular and even whole rugby teams that have been scanned for compression wear. This however, is different. We are scanning one of the most underrepresented demographics in the Country. Women over the age of 40, all in an endeavour to create silhouettes of real women that represent the true shape and stature to establish the reality not what the fashion industry thinks it is. The Big Data that we collect of real women exactly as they really are, will confirm the data we already have. The current data has helped us create styles and shapes that really fit, are comfortable to wear and are sustainable in that they will last and can be worn regularly.

We have talked before how only 8.2% of the UK can easily find clothes to fit and when it comes to women over the age of 40 is is about 4.8% and so many women end up feeling disillusioned at best and totally depressed and reduced to tears at worst. So many women think that the fashion industry has forgotten them and do not cater for them in style, fit and quality. For most women, shopping as a young woman was a hobby, something to look forward to and looking and feeling great in their clothes was part of what made them. As they mature we see this reverse. Dreading the shopping trip, hating the changing rooms and sending back piles of clothes online or worse still keeping them in the wardrobe, never wearing them thus ending up in charity shops at best or landfill at worst.

100 billion items of clothing are made every year on the planet and 30% of that clothing is either never sold, never worn or worn only once. Having clothes that you do not love and wear often in the age of sustainability is simply not acceptable, is a waste of resources and a waste of money.  

If you want to be part of this study and contribute by being scanned, please contact Rey House at and we can contact you to make arrangements. All information collected will adhere to all regulations regarding data and data protection and we will not be scanning faces, just body silhouettes.

June 06, 2023 — Julia Reynolds

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