Latest Scanning Event at the Allbright Club in Londons Maddox Street.
We recently held a event at Londons business women's members club, The AllBright Club in Mayfair. It was a huge success with the press, influencers and members popping along to get scanned with our state of the art body scanner. 

Gathering this data is really helping us to establish the real size, of real women and the findings are astounding. This has improved our understanding of what the real problems are behind clothing not fitting.

Yes everyone is different and as we get older we  become even more diverse in shape, size and what we feel comfortable wearing. However, there are common attributes coming out in the research. Our aim is to create products that actually suit and fit those common attributes. There are some shapes, style and fabrics that drape properly, cling to the right parts of the body and feel great when you wear them all day every day and for years to come. Those pieces that contribute to ones capsule wardrobe. They might not the most inspiring or look the most "sexy" but they are the pieces that you feel great in, look good and know that they suit you. You want them to look good and last. 

From our findings there is little or no correlation between physical height and body shape and little correlation between age and shape. We are however, mainly scanning women over 40 so this may look different once we start seeing patterns in women under 40.  The main differences we are seeing are in shoulder shaping and length and the bust, waist and hip distance and ratio. All of this explains why shirts and blouses don't fit on the shoulder and why so many women struggle with things being tight on the waist and baggy on the hip or vice versa.  

There is lots to go at and lots more to learn and change and challenge. We are continuing in the new year with more data collection and machine learning. We will write more about our progress shortly. Keep watching our process at

December 04, 2023 — Julia Reynolds

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