Tru-Size 3 Avatars developed for Rey House by Tru-Size

When one visits a tailor for a hand made suit or outfit, the first thing the tailor does is take your measurements. Then they sit with you and discuss what you want. What is the look you are looking for, the colour, fabric and feel of the suit. The style of the suit will be discussed and the details, buttons and stitching etc. 

However, if one is to visit an off the peg store, you will be confronted with what the brand you are perusing, view of what they think you like and what they think you look like. This is where it starts to go wrong.

We at Tru-Size believe we understand where the problem lies. When a design and buying team get together. They discuss global trends and influences, fabrics, colours, shape of a style, last seasons best sellers and what did not work for the past season. Once they have gathered all this information they start to plan out the next season.

What each brand has from one season to another is a full set of graded body specifications by shape and size of who they think their customer is. They stick to this data and may review every few years. once they have decided on the styles they want to put in their collection, they then put those shapes into their graded body blocks. This is where it goes wrong. 

We at Tru-Size view the world differently. We take your customers and measure them. In fact we take over 10,000 measurement points. We not only look at shape and size, we look at posture, weight distribution, we consider diversity and we look at the whole person.

Once we have the generative AI data we feed it into our algorithm and we start to see really clear patterns and shapes. We know that a woman can be 4'11" and have a shapely figure and also be 6' and have a shapely figure. Small in stature does not mean "Elf like" and tall in stature does not necessarily mean "Gazelle like" We all come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is really clear is that there are patterns and groups and if a brand knows it's customer well or a customer they want to attract they can put to one side their well established body blocks and test their new products on the real data long before they buy the product for their brand. 

All of this can be done on computer generated AI avatars or mannequins, the design team then gets busy trying their designs on real people to check that they fit the majority of people or just segments. This way they can target their designs and fabrics to match their real customers. This is does not mean bespoke, that would require too much inventory and would be too complicated, but because there are patterns and shapes with commonality, it is easier to see and easier to measure. 

Once the product is designed on the avatars, computer generated patterns and gradings can be produced and then made up into actual garments to then go and test them on real people and ask them what they think.

Rey-House, the product arm of True-Size is using this technology to test and make products to fit the customers where we have calculated their shapes and size from taking body measurements of like minded customers. From this we have managed to make clothes that are comfortable and fit a broader audience than our customers. 

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