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Gen X we believe, are the neglected sector of the UK women's clothing market. From our own experience of trying to find great fitting clothing that is made well and washes well; we decided to build our own products from scratch.

We have thrown lots of rules out of the window and spent months making samples and fitting and grading items of clothing to ensure that they not only looked good on most women, but they were made well and from good sustainable materials.

They are not cheap items, but we are not prepared to compromise for the sake of price. We believe that if it fits, looks great, feels great then it is something that you can wear lots of times, then it makes it sustainable and actually good value for money.

We have developed over 12 key shapes that we believe will fit all or most of the "Diamond"silhouettes that we have developed. If we don't believe that it will suit your shape, we will tell you in the description.

Our Diamond community project is about connecting with Gen X women, getting them talking about the struggles they have finding clothes to fit and look good and to improve the psychology. Talking about clothing in a positive way and that wearing clothes should be a positive experience, whatever your age or shape. Less than 5% of the population of women fits the body image of most brands and fashion hype. 

By building our community we can gather the data (confidentially of course) both qualitative and quantitative, numbers and words and then apply that feedback to our designs and shapes. The larger our community the more we believe we can help.

Please sign up with what shape you believe you are and we will start designing and making for you and your preferences. Diamond Community

March 09, 2022 — Julia Reynolds

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Henry Thomas

Henry Thomas said:

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