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We at Rey-House have been talking to customers and potential customers over the last few months. Lots of exciting data has been collated, all private and confidential of course. What we love about talking to our Diamond Community is that you are all willing to share your frustrations about the trouble you have finding clothing to suit you, that is great quality, that fits and above all makes you feel great.

50% of our community says that blouses and shirts gape at the bust and this means that you either avoid these styles or don't wear them often as it is irritating and uncomfortable and you have to keep adjusting your shirt throughout the day.

60% of our community feel that knitwear makes you feel larger than you actually are, when you look in the mirror. As a result of this, you avoid chunky knitwear and find something else to wear to keep you warm.

30% of our community say that trousers are too long and conversely 30% say trousers are too short! In addition to adding in in-between sizes we are looking at offering different leg lengths, so that you don't have to get out a needle and thread or wonder-web to make them the right length or walk around with your boots far away from your hems!

27% say that you are constantly pulling down tops, because they slip back at the shoulders. We call this the "Pully-down syndrome" a very irritating phenomena. We have spent weeks and months trying to eradicate this problem and we have some good techniques in our pattern cutting to eliminate this problem. 

The more data that we can gather on understanding Gen X women and beyond, the more we believe that we can help you find great fitting clothes that you will wear for years to come. So please sign up to our Diamond Community and help us make better fitting, quality clothes. 







March 09, 2022 — Julia Reynolds

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