Nicky talks to Rey-House about what she loves about our styles

Nicky is one of our first and most loyal customers, who has come back to us several times to buy Rey-House items.

So we went to meet Nicky to talk to her about why she was so fond of Rey-House

Nicky: I have bought several pieces from the Rey-House collection and I have actually come back and bought the jeans in all the colours.

I find it really hard to find things to fit me and that are made well and it does not seem to matter how much I pay for things. The sizing comes up differently in so many brands that I find it a minefield and just loose confidence and get frustrated. I tried on the jeans in a size 11 and I have never had a pair of jeans that were so soft and flattering and comfortable. The were not pinching on the waist, baggy on the bottom and hold me in, just right. The yarn so soft and the team at Rey-house told me this is because the skinny jean has some really soft fibres in the cloth that enable this.

During lockdown Nicky told us that she had bought 4 loungewear outfits, including the Rey-House cashmere blend set in the beautiful Italian yarn. She explained that the other 3 just do not fit properly and do not flatter her. She said whilst the Rey-house set was not cheap, it is the one she wears again and again and wishes that she had not bothered buying the other 3, she would have saved some money in the long run.

As Nicky is such a loyal customer we are working with her, testing new shapes and fits on her to get her opinion. Her feedback is great and critical to us getting the styles, fit and quality right. 

February 24, 2022 — Julia Reynolds

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