The 7 Diamond shapes defined

The Marquis Diamond

This woman finds it easier to find clothes to fit her. She is in proportion to what many brands on the high street define to be a standard. Not too many lumps and bumps. However, as we mature, shoulders stoop forward a bit with gravity, even if it is a cm or two. Our skin may not be as it once was and we may want to cover up where we never used to and expose our what we define as our "best bits', there are some other changes, but all positive . This does not mean we need to revert to matronly clothing Yuk! It is all natural and happens to all living objects. Most of Rey-House designs will suit a Marquis Diamond. Bust, hips, waist, legs and arms. From our research we believe that 15% of Gen X women are this shape.

The Heart Shape Diamond

8% of women in our data base are Heart shaped diamonds. They have a fuller bust, a fuller waist than they had in their 20s, but their hips are similar and their legs are pretty much as they always were. Dresses are difficult for heart diamonds as they are a different size on the top to the bottom. This shapely diamond struggles with jeans/trousers, knitwear can be unflattering and buttons on shirts gapping. We have developed some shapes that flatter the bust line and provide `'give`' and flexibility with unstructured fabrics. This is not about shapeless, this about fitting the curves, but not emphasising them. A lot more work is going on to develop beautiful pieces that make a heart diamond shine.

The Emerald Cut Diamond

A reasonable bust, moderate hips, perhaps square shoulders and a slightly thicker waist than one had in their teens. 15% of our community say they are Emerald diamonds. "Pully-uppy and pully down" applies here. Often high street shops make you look squared off, particularly if your measurements are larger than a 12. (60% of the population is) The problem here and with other diamonds is that cheap clothes are made flat and save on fabric to keep prices keen. When you are an Emerald diamond this make you feel square with no shape. We have identified several shapes that will flatter this gem and make the most of your shape rather than hiding it.

Classic Cut Diamond

These female gems we believe are the most over looked section of the market 18% identify as a classic cut diamond. This is nothing to do with classic cut clothes it is the shape of the diamond. Beautiful shoulders and arms, a bit larger bust than they used to have, a fuller waist, they have kept their hips and their legs are the same as they always were. We have identified particular fits and styles for this group. Flattering on the shoulders, shaped nicely round the bust, not square round the tummy and show off the hips and legs. Square shaped tops, and baggy bottoms are the biggest criticism of high street fashion for this group. I hope we can rectify this.

Trillion Cut Diamond
Narrower at the shoulder fuller at the hips

This female Diamond makes up 15% of our community. Lovely shoulders and arms, much as they have always been, a moderate waist and all her curves sit around her hips and bottom.
The Trillion cut Diamond has plenty to say about the fit on the waist and hips. Trousers and skirts are her main challenge and she also struggles to find flattering dresses, because what fits on the top does not fit around the bottom and vice versa.
We have spent time developing fabrics and shapes that go some way to resolving some of these issues for the Trillion Diamond

Brilliant Cut Diamond

11% of women in our survey said they are a Brilliant cut diamond. Beautiful round curves all over, curvy arms and shoulders, curvy bust waist and hips, even her legs are curvy. This however, is not about plus sizes and is the natural shape and comfortable shape of this diamond. This is where beautiful fabric and well-cut shapes will flatter this diamond.  

Double Trillion Cut Diamond

Plenty of curve, nipped in at the waist.

All the curves in all the right places make a double brilliant cut diamond and nicely nipped in at the waist. 18% of our community tell us they are this kind of diamond.
The double trillion may have problems with gapping buttons and tight on the hips, but baggy on the waist. She generally looks good in high street dresses if she can find a make that fits.
This is where our 3 dimensional clothes, that are engineered and beautifully made will suit her and fit her. This Diamond will have no problem using belts or tucking shirts in to accentuate her waist.
We will continually drive to make sure that all our designs are thought about, to make sure this diamond looks great in clothes, and above all feel great and confident with it.






March 09, 2022 — Julia Reynolds

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