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The Marquis Diamond

The high street classic shape all dressmakers’ models are based on

15% of respondents in our survey are this shape.

  • Best bits: The fashion world is designed for your shape, so you generally find it relatively easy to buy clothes. 
  • Struggles with: If you’re tall or petite, however, you might still struggle. And, of course, it’s a youth industry, which means as you head out of your 30s, it becomes harder to flatter your changing body.
  • What we’re doing to help: We’re building in variety with trousers in different lengths and cuffs that can be turned up or down, to give you flexibility to shape outfits to your height. Mix and match items that can be worn in multiple ways also help you build a timeless wardrobe that never gets boring.

 The Heart Shape Diamond

 You’ve got the hips and pins you had in your 20s, with a fuller bust and waist

 8% of respondents in our survey are this shape.

  • Best bits: you’ve got an enviable decolletage and well shaped shoulders that hold clothes well.
  • Struggles with: The size difference between your top and bottom halves make choosing the right dress a challenge, as is finding jeans that are slim enough on the legs while not cutting in at the waist. Buttons on shirts can be tricky too, as bigger busts can lead to gaping.
  • What we’re doing to help: For heart shaped diamonds it’s all about adding ‘give’ with unstructured fabrics that fit curves without overly emphasising them. Raglan sleeves, clever shaping and fine gauge knits all flatter fuller bustlines, and we’ve banished ruffles and frills, which are too fussy for you.

 The Emerald Cut Diamond

 Squared off shoulders coupled with a medium-full waist creates a straight-up-and-down look

15% of respondents in our survey are this shape.

  • Best bits: Those strong shoulders of yours carry an outfit beautifully, and you’ll never have to worry about your moderate hips or bust overwhelming your look.
  • Struggles with: Straight-up-and-down is one thing but high street clothes can make you look too square, especially if you’re above a size 12. And if you add too much floral or frill, you just end up looking bigger than you are.
  • What we’re doing to help: The secret is in getting the fit right across your shoulders, with raglan sleeves and fabrics that fall without creating a tent effect. We build in ‘give’ across the back too, so you can lift your arms without causing your whole outfit to ride up. And as for our trousers, they’re fitted around the hips and waist to accentuate any hint of a curve.

 Classic Cut Diamond

Your waist, hips and bust have started to fill out to create delicious new curves 

 18% of respondents in our survey are this shape.

  • Best bits: You’ve always liked your legs, shoulders and arms and these remain as gorgeous today as they ever were. 
  • Struggles with: You’re not used to the larger bust, waist and hips you’ve developed over the last few years, and you’ve started to find that high street blouses and dresses make you look square and chunky. If a top fits your shoulders, it’s tight on the bust; if trousers fit your hips and waist, they’re too baggy on the leg.
  • What we’re doing to help: Our tapered trousers fit around the hips while emphasising your slim legs - plus they’re available in different lengths to suit every height. Well cut raglan sleeves enhance your fab arms, and fall-away fabrics won’t cling to your waist.

Trillion Cut Diamond

Bootylicious on the bottom half with beautifully slender shoulders and arms

 15% of respondents in our survey are this shape.

  • Best bits: Buying tops is easy for you, as they tend to fit well on your upper body and you don’t have the dramas that fuller busted women face.
  • Struggles with: Those gorgeous curves can make it hard to find trousers that don’t gape at the waist, and fitted dresses are a problem too, as they’re either too loose or too tight in one area or other.
  • What we’re doing to help: We’re directing all eyes to your best bits with tops that sit on - rather than over - the hips, and lightweight, cleverly cut shirts that can be tucked in all round or left loose at the back. Add that to our trousers with plenty of stretch and you’ve got the perfect outfit for any trillion cut diamond.

 Brilliant Cut Diamond 

Curves, curves, curves, as far as the eye can see - gorgeous 

11% of respondents in our survey are this shape

  • Best bits: The word voluptuous was made for you. In the right outfit you’ve got a killer figure that speaks for itself.
  • Struggles with: The problem is, the fashion world doesn’t always cater for your curves. Gaping blouses, tight sleeves, badly fitted trousers, flat shapes that you’re constantly having to tug up or down - that’s the challenge for the brilliant cut diamond. 
  • What we’re doing to help: We’re making our clothes in 3D, designing shapes that flatter and don’t emphasise the bits you’re conscious of. It’s all about celebrating fuller figures rather than trying to hide them, so we’ve avoided baggy, tent-like shapes in favour of clever cuts and flattering necklines. 

Double Trilliant Cut Diamond

 It’s a double helping of curves, tied together with a nipped-in waist 

18% of respondents in our survey are this shape

  • Best bits: You’re rocking the best of both worlds, with enviable curves but enough of a waist to allow more clothes to fit your proportions.
  • Struggles with: Badly cut, flat or square clothes don’t allow for the variations in size as you move down your body, causing gaping around your curves.
  • What we’re doing to help: For double brilliant cut diamonds we’ve got shapes that can be brought in at the waist with a tie or belt, using stretch fabrics that don’t show lumps and bumps or feel bulky if you want to tuck them. Pleats in the backs of blouses and shirts mean you can move your arms without the whole garment following.


June 16, 2022 — Julia Reynolds

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