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The latest data released from Kantar the Global Market research company, states that women are looking for their clothes to have flexible use. Meaning that each item can be worn across lots of activities and events.

Purchasing decisions have taken on a whole new perspective. Whilst pricing is very important during this economic climate, the data does say that many women are buying fewer items, but buying quality, timeless pieces known as "Quiet Luxury".

Now many women are working some of their time from home, they require their clothes to be suited to wearing at home and to work. Their clothes need to be comfortable, weather-appropriate and look great, but also be smart enough. We have been working on the principles of Quiet Luxury and Multi Purpose since our conception.

All of our products are designed to be timeless and comfortable through fitting properly. We want our customers to imagine that they can sit in front of a screen feeling smart and comfortable.

Women also want to be able to use the same wardrobe pieces to wear them out for an evening occasion and for events where perhaps a smarter option was once preferred as well as everyday. Women tell us that if a "smarter option" was what they felt compelled to wear, this was invariably uncomfortable and did not project confidence in the wearer.

A floaty floral dress has been talked about very negatively amongst our customer base as such an example. Our LBD addresses this problem, if you are happy to wear black on any occasion. Otherwise our Silk Dresses in 3 colours really are transferable. One customer told us that she had worn our silk tie dress for a wedding, on a Cruise and to work for a presentation that she gave. 

Even leisure wear needs to have multiple purposes. Lounging, too and From the gym or exercise class, country walk, pub visit and lunch or drinks with friends. A customer told us that her G-Pro set has been worn to all the above. Due to the thermal regulating qualities and lack of creasing, we have had several customers wear the sets on flights.

Italian jersey is a great fabric to wear that is both smart and casual, it's soft drape and handle provide ease and comfort whilst the smooth texture gives it a sharp finish. We have styled it in some simple shapes that are both flattering and flexible in their use. We think of these styles as "Quiet Luxury".

The classic shirt is another timeless, "Quiet Luxury" item that is universal and can be worn just about anywhere and on any occasion. Whilst white is the go to colour that goes with everything. A lovely coloured shirt can make an outfit look great and give the wearer a boost in confidence. If it has a bit of stretch in it and does not gape or fall back from the shoulders then it really does make it a go to piece.

We are working on the next generation of multi purpose pieces that are "Quiet Luxury" and can't wait to show you what we have come up with. Many of the pieces have a more casual angle and certainly a soft and tactile emphasis.

April 11, 2023 — Julia Reynolds

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