Jersey pieces used technology to create the right shapes
International Women's Day Celebrates Technology For Gender Equality
Technology is playing an ever increasing role in our lives, much of which is for good. This year International women's day is focusing on technology for gender equality. We at Rey House have set off on a journey to use technology in fashion and clothing for women in a way that only a few are thinking about. The tech we are building starts with mature women, but is actually transferable to any demographic and we hope to expand it in the coming years. 
So why use technology to create clothes for women? We have all the evidence and statistics that show that women find it really difficult to find clothes to fit them and that are a reasonable quality. The knock on effect of this is low self esteem and a general rejection of women's fashion and clothes. This is really sad and in my opinion avoidable.
What we are doing in Rey House is to gather robust data on women's body silhouettes. We have plugged this into a computer and cut the data to show that in general women's body shapes fit into 7 key silhouettes. We have called these the 7 Diamond shapes. We have then taken these 7 shapes and added in height and other key body measurements relating to the skeleton.
There are some very clear patterns appearing in this data and we are engaging with academics and data scientist specialists to expand and develop this data further. We need to move to "Big Data" which means moving to bigger Technology, AI and more complex data science. 
We are now pretty clear as to why clothes don't fit the bulk of the population and particularly mature women. Some of the reasons are easier to solve than others and some are going to take a lot of research and honing to resolve.
The technology we have used so far on our products involves the grading of our sizes, the shapes or armholes on our tops and some of our fabrics for example *Graphene These are all small things, but form the results we are getting and our 5* reviews we can see that technology is proving a positive force for women and our entire business model will be based on using technology, AI and Data
Science for the greater good of the women we serve and enables our sustainability credentials by focusing on less is more and only using premium and sustainable materials and processes.
Happy International women's day from a business that serves women and uses technology and data to deliver for those women.

Julia @ Rey House
March 02, 2023 — Julia Reynolds

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