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I am one to say "Never say never" I have been talking to industry specialists recently about technology that can help reduce the clothing industries carbon footprint.

What is certain is the the technology is there already to do all sorts of things to reduce the damage to our planet in a very slow to react industry, the garment industry. We all know that generally finding clothes or brands that fit is very difficult and inconsistent. There are many in the industry that are developing customisation as a way forward.

You can buy a pair of customised trainers or jeans, but these are not cheap and whilst they can reduce returns rates, reduce the holding of large amounts of stock and create individuality, they are not necessarily sustainable to be used by anyone else and what happens if you don't like them, they have been created by you for you. However, as technology develops the process of designing and making your own product will become more robust.

3D printing is at such a stage now that producing fabrics on 3D printers is close to becoming a reality. This will enable to reduce the carbon foot- print and reduce volumes of waste substantially, but will only work if you are happy to work with computer AI to design yourself or have that computer design it all for you.  

We at Rey House have a slightly different approach. We have developed key body shapes and then using those shapes to develop fabrics that will last and suit the majority of the diamond shapes.

An example of this is the G-Pro range that we have supported with a key fabric supplier and is one of our best sellers. The Graphene technology is being developed at Manchester University by PHD students and we are one of the first businesses in the UK to be using this technology in clothing. Once we have established the fabrics we then move onto designing key items with what we believe to be flattering blocks and styles that flatter real bodies, not those that we see in the media and in magazines.

This means that our products are a hybrid between customisation and mass production. We believe that we are unique in looking at the industry in this way. None of our products need to be thrown away the following season and all of our products will fit most shapes. We believe that we are making great progress, but still have a way to go.

As we grow our business this will become more consistent and we will become even more exclusive in our products but more accessible to everyone. 

Most people would find it hard to customise their own clothes and want inspiration from other sources. Customising can lead to over engineering something.

We at Rey House believe in keeping it simple and creating something that people will love to wear, feel comfortable and make them feel confident. We will do all the work for you and try and make life easier and raise your serotonin levels. 

Join our Diamond Community for FREE today and talk to us about the challenges you face in finding clothes to fit you and tell us what you think. By being a Community member to are eligible for special promotions.

Customisation is here and most likely to stay. It will develop into more commercial formats over the coming years and who knows where it will be in 10 or 20 years time. However, our hybrid model is cheaper, easier and more attainable and working now. The one thing for sure is that technology and AI is making changes possible and very real.......Watch this space more to come at Rey House.


February 13, 2023 — Julia Reynolds

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