Women's Roll -Neck long Sleeve G-PRO Top

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We have worked hard with our supply chain to develop the best and softest fleece fabric to make the ultimate leisure wear pieces. The roll-neck style is so soft and luxurious, you won't want to take it off. The deep cuff and shaped shoulders and arm mean that it fits beautifully without making you look bigger than you feel you are. Will suit all of our Diamond shapes. Made using G-Pro technology fabric that helps regulate body temperature. 

It is a brushed fabric for extra softness

50% Rayon Graphene (Branded G-Pro)

20% Viscose

30% Recycled Polyester

20% Spandex

G-Pro ‘s innovative far-infrared (FIR) emitting fibres help maximise thermal regulation. The graphene enables the fabric to act as a filter between the body and the external environment, thereby ensuring the optimum temperature for the wearer; this means dispersing heat in warm temperatures & preserving & distributing it evenly from ’hot spots’ in cold temperatures.

Perfect for wearing on flights, going from cold into warm environments and for situations where body temperature increases or decreases naturally.

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