What Makes a great fitting jacket at Rey House?

The perfect fitting Jacket

There is nothing worse than a jacket that restricts you when you wear it. That feeling that it is tight around the biceps, pulling at the bust and if buttoned up it rides up. Invariably if it fits on the shoulders it can be tight on the bust and baggy on the waist. Many jackets we have looked at actually make you look square and are uncomfortable.

So we at Rey House set about looking at how to make the ultimate fitting little black jacket. A jacket that is a key staple that you can wear with almost anything, looks and feels great and makes you feel confident and comfortable.

We started with looking at the shape. It had to be shaped properly, come in at the waist, fit on the shoulders and be the right length. Not too short to cut you in two and not too long to make it limited with what you can wear it with and loose shape in your torso. 

The fabric had to be right it had to have some "give" easy to fold your arms or put them above your head. If it was done up it needed to fit across the bust and be flattering on the waist without being restrictive. We felt it needed to be knitted to give natural stretch, but needed to be luxury and feel great against your skin. We found an Italian wool that met the criteria. A lovely boucle yarn to give it texture. We did not want it lined as this would make it restrictive and a bit heavy and uncomfortable.

Our Diamond Theory on Fit is gaining traction as women identify with the problem of finding things to fit.

The Pattern Cutter, the Tailor, with the right fabric and a tasteful button culminated in the ultimate little black jacket that can be worn with anything. It has now become one of our best sellers. We believe that this is because we thought about it with our customer in mind.






October 19, 2022 — Julia Reynolds

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