Black Jersey Tunic by Rey House - Clothes that Fit

Fit is the number one problem for women in the UK. Whilst it is impossible to design and make clothes to fit everyone, we at Rey House have looked at the science behind fit and working with our talented team have come up with several shapes that we believe will fit many of our customers. 

Our Diamond shape theory helps women identify with a particular diamond shape

We have designed a jersey tunic to illustrate and test our theory. The fabric it is in is a fundamental thing to get right in the first place. If the quality and feel of the fabric, its performance and the way it sits on the body is not right; no matter how hard we try to get the fit right, we will not succeed. 

So we have a beautiful soft jersey sourced from a premium source (so not cheap) it is thick enough so as to not cling, show lumps and bumps, change shape or wash badly, but not too heavy to be restrictive.

We then set about looking at the shape. Long enough to cover the bottom and match the wide leg trouser as a set and short enough to not look like a dress, slightly longer on the back to the front. Pockets in the seams, we firmly believe that pockets are really important. A neckline that flatters and is comfortable and not restrictive and then the secret ingredient which is the armhole shaping. We have designed this shape that sits between and raglan sleeve (a diagonal line) and a regular set in sleeve. This creates a flattering neckline emphasising your best bits and the essential attributes of not riding up, twisting, sleeves falling off the shoulder  (not a flattering look) and the fact that it FITS properly.

November 08, 2022 — Julia Reynolds

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