Shocking Data About Clothing

As part of our journey to get to the bottom of why clothes do not fit, we have come across an awful lot of statistics. I cannot claim that all of these statistics are 100% accurate, it is only industry and internet info that I am quoting here, that is until I get to the data that we have collected at Rey House with Kantar.

Only 8.2% of the UK population can easily find clothes to fit (Kantar Sept 2022) 

100 billion pieces of clothing are made every year

30% of all clothing made is never worn

25% of what goes into landfill still has the tickets on it

10% of the globes carbon footprint is attributed to the clothing industry

Returns rates in UK clothing online businesses are over 54%

Any profit a retailer would made from selling an item of clothing, becomes negative profit if the item is shipped and returned 2 times.

Traditionally, developing Countries would receive the developed worlds clothes they no longer want. More and more clothing is being rejected as un-fit for purpose because the quality is so poor by the developing countries.

Fit and quality are the two most important criteria for women over the age of 40 (Rey House 2022) 

Only 4.9% of the population believe that the mature customer is catered for (Kantar Sept 2022)

78% of women over the age of 40 say that not being able to find clothes to fit has an impact on their confidence and self esteem (Rey House 2022)

The above is all data. What I can tell you from the qualitative research that we have done is that ALL of the women we have spoken to, struggle to find decent quality, affordable clothing pieces that fit and suit them and that they want to wear again and again, because they make them feel good.

We have now launched our Podcast where we talk to women about the challenges they face and these make for a good listen if you think that it is you that does not fit the clothes, as opposed to the clothes not fitting. 

Our world leading project to scan 500 women over the age of 40 is just about to start and will be completed by Sept 2023. We will be measuring over 300 body measurements on each person we scan and from this we will get a true picture of the real shape of women in the UK. If you or any one you know wishes to take part in this world leading study please contact us

May 11, 2023 — Julia Reynolds

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