Blue Monday  is all about Confidence

Blue Monday the 3rd Monday in January is sadly seen as the saddest day of the year for Brits. The January Blues, the post Christmas come down, the days are short and the weather is generally dismal.

Here at Rey House we started to look and think about what other things make people sad and thus results in a loss of confidence and self esteem. We know from our community and the feedback we get, that finding clothes that fit properly and make people feel good wearing them, boosts self esteem and confidence. We know that it has nothing to do with how much money you have to spend on clothes, what size or shape you are or even how old you are. So many people cannot find clothes to fit and make them feel great and confident. Sadly only 8.2% of the population can find clothes to fit. *Kantar Sept 2022

When we have customers put our clothes on we regularly have people say what we call the Oooh factor! " Oooh I feel really good in this, Oooh I like myself looking like this and Oooh I feel comfortable. Oooh I don't feel like my clothes are wearing me and Oooh I don't feel like I am trying too hard to fit in with fashion" 

So what is it that we are doing that is different and makes it easier for you to brush off "Blue Monday"

We start with finding the right fabrics, we don't always get it right and we are learning as we go and in fact are now developing our own fabrics. We look for fabrics that feel great against the skin, that hold their shape well and wash well or easily. We don't look for the cheapest fabrics and we always endeavour to find sustainable materials and processes. We look for fabrics that blend with the body and move with the flow and ebb, without the need to tug and adjust as much as possible. We want the fabrics to fit to you not the other way around. Our G-Pro jersey range is an example of this. Unique to Rey House in this Country with thermal control properties. Our customers tell us they don't want to take it off. It goes in the washing machine and straight back on. 


The next thing we do is spend hours looking at the shapes and details that we think will suit our customers, that will fit their body, flexes and above all fit properly and give you that surprised feeling of "Oooh I feel great in this" Of course we don't always get this right all the time, as every body is a different body and everyone has shapes and styles that they always revert to and are convinced suit them, so not every body likes or fits everything. However, with our guest stylist Charlotte, who has a saying with her customers where she asks them to "humour her" and try a different style, colour or shape. She says this invariably works and she gets the Oooh comment. So do think about trying something new, this will boost your confidence when it looks great. Our best selling jersey tunic is one of those tops. The boat neck line, unique armhole shape and pockets made in a super quality jersey, make it an iconic piece. We advise so many people to try it and they invariably love it and feel great in it. The same goes for the matching wide leg trouser. So many women say "Wide leg trousers don't suit me" and we say "try these" and that is another reason why they are a best seller too. We now do them in different leg lengths and in 4 colours. 


We then spend lots of time actually fitting the styles and making sure they work in the fabric we have worked on. We actually throw out a lot of styles, they have to  work and we aim for them to be able to be worn week in and week out and become those go to pieces in your wardrobe. We are not trying to create pieces that sit in your wardrobe unworn. Clothes cost lots of money and need to work and last.

When the style is where we want it to be we carefully consider who might want to wear it and covet it. We try it on lots of bodies and different shapes and always ask that person "How does it make you feel?" Out of this comes how we grade that style into the other sizes. Each size is uniquely graded to try and meet our Diamond shape customers. If you are a size small, you are very likely to be small in height and general statue. If you are a large size you are very likely to be tall and statuesque. 

We keep the colours simple until we have feedback and good results. We don't do clearance sales because our styles are timeless, but contemporary. We want you to own a Rey House piece and wear it regularly because you feel great in it and it is comfortable. We believe that you should wear your clothes and your clothes should not be wearing you. Generally clothes on the SALE rails are there because the did not fit and make you feel great.

Feeling confident in your clothes for us is critical and confidence is one of the largest contributors to general mood and feeling good about other things in life. You don't have to follow the herd, you can find your own style by building up key pieces in your wardrobe. We want you to open your wardrobe and know that you can rely on a Rey House piece to be one of your go to pieces and above make you feel confident and confident to brush off the negativity of "Blue Monday".

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January 05, 2023 — Julia Reynolds

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