We Made It Onto Loose Women With Our Satin Print Shirt

How the Rey House team managed to get some of our clothes on Loose Women

It was our launch week and the hours were long and the days were very busy. Headless Chicken does spring to mind on reflection. Our launch party went well and we held open house to anyone that wanted to attend and come and see our collection  and to talk to us about why we were different and not just another "Clothing Brand". Women stripped off and tried on clothes, some things they automatically gravitated to and others where Charlotte our Stylist said "just try this." Emma a friend and very creative person had been following our progress and understood totally what we were trying to do. She works in TV and always has something interesting to say and what I love about her, always has a view. She is married to a very dear school friend of mine and we share an interest in dogs and nice food.

She asks me if she could borrow some of the clothes to show the stylists on Loose Women MotherShoppers Two extremely vibrant, quirky, creative and talented, hard working grounded women. Emma felt that some of the Rey House clothes would be perfect to share with them. Emma left the event with a few styles tucked into a carrier bag.

Fast forward a few weeks and Callie our photographer and SM guru was having her lunch break in front of the Telly and there appeared our emerald green and orange spot satin shirt sported by Carol McGiffin. With TV you never really know when and if you manage to get your designs out there and the competition is indeed very fierce. You may get a call to ask about a price and availability but, it could be weeks or months since you handed over the clothes. Most of the time it just appears.  Callie leapt out of the chair taking a photograph of the TV and posting it almost immediately on our SM feed. 

We have actually had two showings of Carol wearing the shirt, it has been worn twice, once with leather trousers and once with a black polo neck. She must like it for that to happen and we have been referenced on their news feed. We all think it does suit her, colours are always vibrant on the show and the women who watch this show are our some of our customers. This week Carole appeared in Hello Magazine wearing the same shirt. We have been very lucky.

We are just about to prepare another collection of some of our more colourful styles developed for our next collection and see if we can get one of the other women to test out our great fitting stuff.

Perhaps we may even get some of our perfect trousers on the telly and even better one of our beautiful silk dresses in vibrant colours. Keep a look out.

January 06, 2023 — Julia Reynolds

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